Tringa Rexhepi, Will Lamond 
Photo credit: Andrée Lanthier

The Segal Centre Brings Laughter among Lovers with “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”

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Love and relationships can be beautiful and fulfilling. It can also be fraught with mishaps, confusion, and misplaced expectations. The Segal Centre’s “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”, is a delightfully fun and light-hearted musical revue that invites the audience to laugh at the awkwardness of dating and relationships.

This highly entertaining show is a compilation of musical sketches that cover themes of dating, marriage, break-ups, parenthood, and mature love. Each episode is a unique story with the actors performing different characters. The musical numbers like, “Hey There, Single Gal/Guy” and “He Called Me” are hilarious as they reveal the characters’ ridiculous assumptions in the search for love. There are poignant songs about longing and expectations, such as “I Will Be Loved Tonight” and “I Can Live with That”. Marriage and its shortcomings are covered by numbers like “Marriage Tango” and “On the Highway of Love”. The music is provided by a great live three-piece band, which performs from the back of the stage.

There is more of course, each piece a mini-play performed with flair, style, and humour. The cast is excellent, all are wonderful singers. Steffi Didomenicantonio and Tringa Rexhepi are superb. Will Lamond and Adrian Marchuk are also terrific. The pairings gel perfectly and they are wonderfully compelling. They smoothly navigate the stage with the set and costume changes. They bring details to their portrayals that make each character authentic and memorable.

Full Company Photo credit: Andree Lanthier

Full Company Photo credit: Andree Lanthier

The stage is brightly set with illuminated mobile pieces that include cubes that double as tickle trunks containing props and costumes; a giant heart with a crack down the centre; and the symbols for male and female. The sets are used playfully and cleverly. The lovely costumes have a theme of black and white with touches of red or blue and flashes of glitter. The oversized props are also colour themed and fun.

Love, marriage, and relationships can be trying. But, just like people, they are full of weird and wacky moments that can make the effort worthwhile. Humour and laughter can be the sweet solution that binds people together.

“I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”: Presented by the Segal Centre. Directed by Wade Lynch. Music by Jimmy Roberts. Lyrics and Book by Joe Dipietro. Show continues until May 29, at Segal Centre, 5170 Chemin de la Côte-Ste-Catherine, Montréal. Tickets $64 to $32. Call the box office 514-739-7944 or go to

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