Rhiannon’s ‘Mouth Magic’ at the Pigeons International Theatre – October 12th.

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By Rebecca Munroe for Curtains Up

A performance of ‘Improvised singing,’ how is this possible? How can a group of people break into song without something prepared ahead of time?

Well, an eclectic group of 16 singers hailing from places like Florida, Vermont, Ontario, England, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia, and, not to mention Montreal… proved that it could be done and done seamlessly.

Rhiannon, renowned jazz vocalist, began the evening with her troop behind the audience. As they broke into song, they in unison moved to the front of the audience while producing breathtaking harmonies that delighted the crowd.

They then formed small groups and took turns on the stage creating melodies, songs and wonderful harmonies.  There was even a Swiss woman by the name of Sonja Morgenegg that broke into the most beautiful yodels that seem to be calling spirits from far away places.

Rhiannon and her group ended the evening with their only prepared and rehearsed song, but it did not take anything away from the songs that were unprepared. What it did was prove that their spontaneous songs were not only creative, but utterly enchanting as well.

To learn more about Rhiannon and her Performance Art, go to http://www.rhiannonmusic.com/home.cfm


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