Our Contributors

Richard “Bugs” Burnett
(POP Culture)
Richard “Bugs” Burnett self-syndicated his national column Three Dollar Bill in over half of Canada’s alt-weeklies for 15 years, has been banned in Winnipeg, investigated by the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary over charges TDB was “pornographic”, gotten death threats, outed politicians like former Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair, been vilified in the pages of Jamaica’s national newspaper The 5376_229469740250_651940250_7978728_7785269_nGleaner for criticizing anti-gay dancehall star Sizzla (who would go on to write the 2005 hit song “Nah Apologize” about Burnett and UK gay activist Peter Tatchell), pissed off BB King, crossed swords with Mordecai Richler, been screamed at backstage by Cyndi Lauper and got the last-ever sit-down interview with James Brown. Burnett was Editor-at-Large of HOUR until the Montreal alt-weekly folded in April 2011, is Editor-at-Large of The Charlebois Post (Canada), is a columnist and writer for both Fugues and Xtra, writes the POP TART blog for The Montreal Gazette, and is the pop culture pundit on The Barry Morgan Show every Friday from 8:30 – 9 pm on Montreal’s CJAD 800 AM Radio. Burnett was named one of Alberta-based Outlooks magazine’s Canadian Heroes of the Year in 2009, famed porn director Flash Conway dubbed Burnett “Canada’s bad boy syndicated gay columnist” and The Montreal Buzz says, “As Michael Musto is to New York City, Richard Burnett is to Montréal.”

Maria Grassagliata
Feet planted in the financial world, but heart passionate about movies and vegan culture. She has a bachelor degree in Arts from UQAM where she studied creative writing and screenplay writing. She isn’t afraid to dip her toes into anything in the domain of art. An avid movie seer, she is always looking for ways to express her creativity and artistic flair. Outspoken and never censored, she isn’t afraid to give her two cents with passion, conviction and energy. She loves comedies, romance, mystery, suspense, horror, drama, documentary and foreign movies. Free spirited and open minded, she is able to deliver concise and down to earth opinions on subjects she is passionate about. A vegan lifestyle appreciator, there is no vegan meal that she will not venture into and express her feelings on the taste, preparation and enjoyment. Getting all her vegetables at an organic farm, she ensure the well being of her body and her wallet by eating earth friendly products.

Andreas Kessaris 
(Books, Literary Arts)andreasreading
Andreas Kessaris was raised in the Park Extension District of Montreal, the son of Greek immigrants. He has a B.A. in Communications and English from Concordia University. His work has been published in The Write Place (The Journal of the Canadian Writers Society), on Suite 101.com, and his monthly column Read On! with Andreas Kessaris was  a popular feature of the now defunct West End Montreal community paper The Local Herald. Read his blog at essaysbyandreas.com and  follow him on Twitter @AKessaris.

Chef Michael Minorgan (in Memoriam)
(Culinary Art, Culinary and Cultural Excursions)
Michael Minorgan has 38 years of experience as a professional chef.  He began his career in 1974 as president and executive chef of the catering company Taste Buds Inc. He catered many high profile events in Montreal and is proud to have catered for her HighnessMichael Minorgan The Queen Mother on her last visit to Montreal. In 1991, he was executive chef and co-founder of the critically acclaimed Cajun and Creole restaurant La Louisiane and was the official supplier of all Cajun food to the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 1992 and 1993.  From 1994 -2000 he was host of several cooking shows on CF Cable and Vox TV Cajun Cooking with Chef Michel, Southern Cooking with Chef Michel, More Southern Cooking with Chef Michel, Chef Michel’s New World Cuisine and Grilling with Chef Michel.  Michael has also been heard on numerous radio shows and has taught at the Pearson Professional Culinary Arts Department. He was executive chef and co-owner of Mesquite Southern BBQ and Restaurant Ambre and has served as a food consultant to various restaurants in the Montreal area including Cajun Blues in Ste Anne de Bellevue. He has traveled extensively to Southeast Asia and is currently organizing 14 & 21 day Culinary & Cultural Excursions to Viet Nam and Thailand, beginning in April  2013.  Websites:  www.globalgourmets.ca   www.chefmichel-concepts.com

Rik Roe
(Music)Rik Roe
Rik Roe is a lifelong Montrealer; proud Father of 2, Husband of 1. Recognized as an accomplished photographer, he is known for his coverage of the Music and Cultural scene; as well as being a guitar-slinging musician, and a gearhead. Rik is also a writer, and an active columnist with Examiner.com with Montreal and National titles, focusing on arts, events, and his love of music. Rik is the founder and creator of Rtists and UP NORTH Per4mance.

Fast and furious in his passions, his love of all the Arts is what drives him to succeed in capturing and conveying the spirit of what he sees and hears through words and images; which are displayed throughout media and social networks.

Joseph Rossi
(Movies, Oldies and New)!cid_A2479C63-134A-4BA8-8510-40A1085AA304
Joseph Rossi is a graduate of Concordia University. He holds his BFA in Film Studies and an MFA in Educational Studies. The basis of his graduate work was the use of film as a tool for social education. In 2009 he directed Fathers and their Daughters, the first of several short films that have had their debut screenings at film festivals abroad. He is also one the creators of Foodtropolis Montreal, a local web series about food and culture in Montreal.

Matthew Stone (In Memoriam)
(CU Web, Technical)
Matthew Stone has used his Bachelor’s degree from Concordia University tMatthew Stoneo work in the fields of Public Relations, content management, media, journalism and communications. As the content manager for an upstart economic newswire, he made contact with government officials and obtained accreditation at  international lock-ups Matthew has a passion for all media and worked in various aspects of radio from the age of sixteen, including technical production, scripting and promotions. Matthew has acted in commercials and film since he was a child and is an ACTRA accredited actor. He is currently studying in the evenings in Project Management, which he hopes to use while remaining in the previously mentioned fields of interest. Matthew is currently working with a new app called Kutoto to establish presence in the Montreal and Toronto markets.

Samantha WexlerP8250059 2
Samantha has always been surrounded by and deeply interested in art and history in all forms. This interest extends to ancient civilizations, Renaissance art and culture, mythology, religious iconography, and symbology. Sam originally trained and worked as a professional photographer, retoucher, graphic designer as well as studied the history of animation. Now, in the Art History Masters program at Concordia University, Sam is fulfilling her dream of becoming an art historian.