The Honest Family

Notre Home’s Honest Family Values

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The Honest Family, as the name suggests, are the grace and force of good karma. Vibrant, willing, spirited, and vocal youthful performers and entertainers that bridge the gap from young to “not-so-old” to spread their message.

A message of “positivity”, of reality, of strength, courage, wisdom, love and hope. Family values that are intertwined between friends and mentors, that form their cohesive bond as a family.

This “family” of performers are all respected in their own careers, and stand interdependently strong, but forging them into a musical group, showcases them, and unites them into the familial force that beckons them to be heard and seen.

To mark the end of the “Notre Home” Tour, David Hodges and The Honest Family, in collaboration with the QCGN, will be presenting a benefit concert for the Kids Help Phone at the Crowley Arts Centre on June 13, 8:00 PM.

“We wanted this tour to make real a difference for the youth of Quebec and we think that the work that Kids Help Phone is doing is incredibly important to help youth build their identity and self-confidence.” states David Hodges.

“Please invite all of your friends! Fun and talent guaranteed! Places are limited so book your tickets now! ($20 each).”

Proceeds from the event will go to Kids Help Phone. For all details, go to :

All the HONEST Family members will be featured in  a performance showdown, with invited guests and the QCGN.


Tickets are available from the respective artists or simply click


CurtainsUp will be proud and anxious to bring you a review of the evening in it’s entirety.

Hope to see YOU there!

The Honest Family


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