Fun Halloween activities for everyone! Off the wall – offend, amend and defend!

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Abby E. Schachter for Curtains Up

Sometimes, going to a loud, raucous drunken party isn’t necessarily the best way to celebrate All Hallows Eve. This special night must be filled with a least a few creepy elements!

What we have here is a list of stuff you can do on Halloween if you have zero plans, are not a fan of parties or just crave something a bit more ghoulish.

If you need help getting into the Halloween mindset; look no further because Montreal has plenty of horror ridden things that will get you sweating buckets of fear tears. Caution … the following list may offend, amend and defend you.
1- One Main event for those who want to take it easy this Halloween would be to head on over to Dollar Cinema (which charges a bit more than a dollar for movies…) The old school cinema located in Decarie Square is presenting two scream filled movie nights on Oct 30th -31st. The terror features include The Shining, Shaun of the Dead and Psycho. There will be prizes for best costume and all movie proceeds will go to the Saku Koivu Cancer Foundation. Showings begin at 7pm. You can see one film for $5 or two for $7.IMG_1709

2- Take a romantic stroll with your significant other or meet someone new by walking around Vanier College’s campus graveyard. Seriously, this is free and you can relax under a big maple tree, while watching photo and communications students snap pics of headstones for their portfolio. The campus has a very spooky past with its very own ghost story. According to questionably inaccurate sources …The building was once a convent/nunnery and then an all-girls Boarding School. Rumour has it that a nun jumped to her death from the fifth floor (main building) after finding out she was pregnant. If you visit the fifth floor after 10pm you may be able to see the spirit of the fallen nun.

3–Haunt the shit out of your house . Hold a séance, preferably using a second hand Ouija board purchased at a garage sale. Invite a few friends over and really get in touch with the other side. Halloween is when the veil between the realms is at its thinnest, so take advantage of the situation and get in touch with the other side. Nothing screams Halloween like a home cooked possession.

4-Creep out trick or treaters. This is by far one of the best ways to really enjoy yourself on Halloween. There are two ways to go about this. Yes, only two ways to successfully scare children. 1- Instead of handing out candy, hand out disfigured porcelain dolls. 2-Invite trick-treaters inside for tea with you and your creepy stash of dolls. Both are equally rewarding. Kids these days with their I-phone-ma-‘gag’-gets are pretty jaded so you need to work extra hard at creeping these kiddies out. There is always the back -up plan of dressing up like ‘Jason’ from HALLOWEEN and chasing after people with a fake chainsaw.

5- Shop online for haunted items… There are a number of sites that have some whacked out crap for sale. You can buy anything these days from possessed antiques to ghost infested houses. You could even take a trip and visit some of these so called haunts. Haunted road trip anyone?


6- Last but not least and in honour of the number regarding the beast…Get a brown paper bag and cut out eyes. Put makeshift bag over your head and find a Halloween party nearby. Do not go inside this party just hover by the window and watch the people. If anyone talks to you do not reply just remain standing and then slowly walk away, backwards.



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