Curtains Up on Rouge One: A Star Wars Story

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Star Wars is back and it’s the best entry since 1980.

Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is a welcome entry to the franchise. Don’t confuse this with the Star Wars saga, with it’s story of the Skywalker family and all that light sabre action. This is a stand alone entry and it’s own movie that is more akin to an actual war movie then the fantasy western that the original saga tries to emulate.

Rouge One takes place right before A New Hope (A.K.A Episode 4) and is about how a scrappy band of rag tag rebel fighters, lead by Jynn Erso (Felicity Jones) steal the plans to the Death Star in order to destroy it.  Now, for the everyday movie goer, this means nothing but for the Star Wars fan, this is catnip. But this isn’t your happy Star Wars film; this is a violent and dark entry into the universe ( well, as violent as Lucasfilm will let it be — money does talk and kids are a part of the paying public).

As a fan, I was more then pleased with what Lucasfilm and director Gareth Edwards did. This is the best Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back. I mean it. It plays by it’s own rules and it’s not standing on the shoulders of it’s predecessors. It’s it’s own standalone film that melds the old (actual make up and animatronic puppetry) and the new. This film brings back Peter Cushing as Tarkin, the evil commoner from a the original 1977 film. Peter Cushing has been dead for over 20 years and there he was, standing there in a major role. I don’t want to know how it was done, I don’t care. They brought an actor back from the dead and I sat there, mouth open and for the first time in years, I was stunned in a cinema. They also bring back faces from the others films, some were welcome, others felt tacked on. But Darth Vader is back and does something that caused the audience to scream and yell in utter fan boy (and girl) joviality. That is a 2 minute sequence that is worth the price of admission.



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