Curtains Up on Logan

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Logan is the best comic book movie I have seen since 2008 when Chris Nolan knocked me over the head with The Dark Knight.

I have made my opinions known with comic book movies, with their predictable plots, boring villains and idiotic shared universes. But here, with James Mangold’s new film Logan, we get a modern day western that, at it’s core, is a family drama. Without giving the plot away, Logan, or as he is known, Wolverine, goes on a road trip with an older and partially senile Professor Xavier and a young girl named Laura who is being chased by an evil cooperation. She is a mysterious mutant that has ties to Logan and comes with a few surprises up her sleeve.

It’s 2029.  Logan is old now, tired and sick. This isn’t the Logan we are used to. This is a different animal, reduced to taking care of his old mentor by day and driving a limo by night. The X-MEN are all dead and buried, their stories and legacy told trough comic books and reality has set in for our hero. This is the comic book movie I have been waiting for. It takes chances on a simple plot and it pays off in spades. But keeping it a road adventure with minimal characters we can actually focus on the wonderful  work displayed on screen.

Hugh Jackman is perfection. He has played this part 9 times and he has saved the best for last. He is heartbreaking in this. Watching him play off Patrick Stewart, his sick father figure in the movie, is tear inducing. Stewart should get a prize for this role. He is that good. Both of them have come a long way from that first X-MEN film in 2000 and to watch them play these characters as real people instead of super humans is a real treat.

With great camera work, a fantastic score and amazing acting,  director James Mangold has made 2017’s first great film.

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