Curtains Up on Fate of the Furious

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How is this franchise still going strong?


Logically, I should hate this franchise. What started out with a small, cops and robbers car race film turned out to be a series that’s a cross between James Bond and Death Race 2000.  It’s bombastic, sappy, loud and dumb. But you know what? The filmmakers know that and that’s why it works, even after 8 movies. Let’s face it, this isn’t Gone With The Wind.  This is Roger Corman on steroids.

With the events of the last film behind them,  the Toretto “family” is taking some time off to be normal.  The story really kicks off in Cuba where Dominic (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are spending their honeymoon. It is there where Dom encounters Cipher (Charlize Theorn), the villain of month.  She shows him ” something” that causes the noble and loyalty loving Dominic Toretto to become bad and join her so that she can carry out her evil plot.  This betrayal has an affect on the whole crew as they must figure a way to stop Dom and Cipher.

In truth, don’t be concerned with a story because if you’re going to this, you probably won’t care to follow this rather convoluted and far fetched plot. We’re here to see cars, car crashes and impossible stunts.  When I think of this series I think dumb fun and that’s what directer F. Gary Gray accomplishes.  He knows better to not smarten this up for us junk lovers. Think of it. What other film has Vin Disel, The Rock, Jason Statham, Kurt Russell,  and Charlie Theron slumming it for paycheques on the grandest playground in the world.

Get ready for part 9. Coming soon.


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