Curtains Up on Bill Paxton

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Shock. Pure shock.

Bill Paxton was one of my favourite actors.  Best known for his work in many of James Cameron’s films, he was always a familiar face.  This tall, rugged texan tapped into the everyman quality of the roles he played. He played villainous in The Terminator and Vertical Limit, romantic in the series Big Love,  heroic in Twister and Apollo 13 and a total sleaze in True Lies.  But his best work was in Sam Raimi’s 1998 film about family loyalty and greed,  A Simple Plan. This story about two brothers who stumble across a small fortune in woods took Bill Paxton from a supporting player to leading man status. It showed that this character actor had the range necessary to put him in the big leagues.

This was way too soon.




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