Curtains Up on Avengers: Infinity War



Avengers: Infinity War is so jammed packed with superheros, action scenes and comic one liners that it’s bursting at the seams.

Is it good? Yes. But this should have been great.  And that’s too bad. After 18 films setting this up, with the end game in sight, this should have been the ultimate comic book film, instead, it pulls the rug from under you promising another gargantuan hero fest in 2019. Marvel has no plans on ending anything.

To explain the plot means I have to explain the Infinity Stones that have been a recurring plot point for a decade. You shouldn’t walk into this film without a prior knowledge of the Marvel cinematic canon. But if you do, Thanos, the power hungry Titan, wants to destroy half of earth’s population with the aid of 6 mystical stones. He plans to create balance in the universe and it’s up to The Avengers to put aside their squabbles among each other to stop him. And this is with the help of The Guardians of the Galaxy and the warriors from Wakanda.

The film is one of the most expensive films ever made. You can see where the money went. The set pieces are impressive and the cast is massive. You think that would be a good thing. While impressive, one needs to realize that there are over 35 characters with speaking roles in this film. The directors, the Russo Brothers, do a good job in juggling all of them in the films 2 ½ hour running time. The problem is that no one shines. They all do important stuff and throw a good joke into the mix now and then but no one has a truly stand out moment.  The action scenes, while well done, are too frenetic and massively intercut due to the amount of characters.

The one standout is Thanos, the villain. Played via Motion Capture by Josh Brolin, Thanos is the reason to see this movie. This is how you construct a comic book movie bad guy. By giving him purpose. Conviction. He’s an evil monster but thinks he’s doing the right thing, much like Black Panther’s villain Eric Killmonger, his purpose raises the stakes and that is what is missing in many comic book movies.

See this for the spectacle it is. Its loud, colourful and funny. I believe it should have had a few less characters in order to emphasize more development in the more interesting individuals but if that’s my only issue, it’s still worth the money.



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