Curtains Up on Ben-Hur
  This is one of the worst films of the year. A real mess.
Curtains Up on Pete’s Dragon
A real surprise!  
Curtains Up on Suicide Squad
  Joe Rossi for Curtains Up I think there is a problem when Viola Davis plays the biggest monster in this film.
Star Trek Beyond
  Joe Rossi for Curtains Up A well made entry to this timeless franchise.
Curtains Up on Ghostbusters
I’ll admit, I was worried. But then that theme song kicked in and….
Curtains Up on The BFG
A cute and cuddly fantasy that might be a little long-winded.
Curtains Up on Finding Dory
  It’s good. Not bad. Just not great.
Curtains Up on Warcraft
Well, it’s better then the film version of Super Mario Bros. But that’s not saying much.
Curtains Up on X-Men : Apocalypse
Nothing special here.
Curtains Up on The Nice Guys
Finally — a movie for adults.