Curtains Up on Logan
Logan is the best comic book movie I have seen since 2008 when Chris Nolan knocked me over the head with The Dark...
Curtains Up on Bill Paxton
  Shock. Pure shock.
Curtains Up on Silence
  A great achievement from a master.
Curtains Up on Man Cubs, Dragons and Brian De...
    Finally. I have seen the greater majority of year end films and all I can say is this year, the good...
Curtains Up on Rouge One: A Star Wars Story
  Star Wars is back and it’s the best entry since 1980.
Curtains Up on Manchester by the Sea
A gem of a film.
Curtains Up on Allied
Allied is a 1940’s set spy thriller and love story that stars two of the movie business’ most attractive...
Curtains Up on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find...
Harry Potter fans, starting lining up.
Curtains Up on Arrival
Curtains Up on Doctor Strange
Surprisingly good.