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It`s no secret that advertising provides consistent visibility which creates a buzz for any business.  You`re in good company advertising with CurtainsUp ® with a supporting Cast of Contributors ensuring you are the `talk of the town`.

Your CurtainsUP® AD supports the developing vision of the CU Partners 3 who have brought on board a host of arts and media professionals devoted to covering and promoting our diverse eclectic array of home-grown and international talent in Montreal that includes professional, community and independent theatre, travelling Broadway musicals, dance, music, concerts, fine dining and culinary delights, world-renowned and award-winning authors, travelling in search of arts & culture, festivals, multi-cultural and events and historical venues.  We offer our support to the arts community 24/7 by way of web editorial coverage, photos, video clips, TV & radio interviews, contests and giveaways.


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